Jay Z Removes Catalog From Spotify

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Friday April 7 Jay Z removed all of his music from Spotify, with the exception of 2 collaborative albums (with R. Kelly) and five collaborative singles.

This business move more than likely stems from the fact that Jay Z’s streaming company Tidal (launched in 2015) still trails far behind its competitors, with only 3 million subscribers. It has 50 million fewer subscribers than Spotify, 20 million fewer than Apple Music, and an estimated 10 million fewer than Amazon.

With streaming dominating the music industry at the moment, many new streaming companies are popping up in an attempt to challenge the major services. Tidal, being a newer company, is struggling to gain a foothold in an extremely competitive market. This move by Jay Z is an attempt to deter some of his listeners from using other services, making his music exclusive to Tidal. Only time will tell if this decision will pay off.


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