Facebook vs. UMPG

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For the past year, Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG) has been ripping down cover videos posted to Facebook. Just recently, UMPG has gotten more stringent on the removal of videos, citing copyright infringement.

Facebook has even gone as far as to suspend the accounts of repeat offenders. All of the controversy stems from a lack of agreement between Facebook and UMPG over a royalty rate. This has caused much confusion on behalf of the fans who simply wish to cover their favorite artists’ songs and post the videos to their Facebook pages. Ultimately, it would even benefit the artist for the videos to stay posted, as they give free publicity for the song. However, it is essential that the proper individuals receive the royalties due to them for such uploaded material.

Although there are alternative outlets to post videos (such as Youtube), Facebook is the largest social media network, with more than 1.86 billion active monthly users. With that many people uploading content on a daily basis, it is unlikely that Facebook’s method of monitoring and removing copyright infringing videos is the most effective solution to the problem.

Nonetheless, until an agreement is reached between UMPG and Facebook, this method of enforcement will continue to be used.


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