Introducing Playster

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Playster is a new subscription service that combines the multimedia outlets of music, movies, books, gaming, and more. Consumers have the option of paying only for individual services (such as just gaming and music) for a lower per-month price, or to opt for the combo payment of $24.95 a month (which gives access to all forms of media).

With a world full of options for entertainment, and an internet over saturated with subscription services for each individual type of media, it is easy to get lost in all of the details. Different payment methods, different passwords, different expiration dates–managing all of this information can turn an opportunity for amusement into a chore. Playster’s goal is to combine all of the different options for media into one simplified website/application.

With a new subscription service comes several considerations for its contribution to the music industry. Will more people be apt to use a music subscription service if it is bundled in with the other services they already use (such as gaming and film)? Could overall streaming levels increase due to the convenience? Or is it possible, due to all of the other options for entertainment being offered on Playster, that music will fall by the wayside? With time and more exposure to the public, it will be revealed if Playster can live up to the hype, and how its services will impact the already complicated world of streaming music.


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