Missing Money?

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Performing artists who make and play their original music live are able to earn publishing money from those shows. In order to be compensated for performance royalties, the artist simply has to inform the performing rights organization (ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC) they are associated with about the shows they play, as well as provide a song list for the set.

ASCAP has a program called OnStage, which can be easily accessed through an artist’s mobile device. Artists affiliated with BMI can use BMI Live, or access the BMI Mobile app to submit their set lists. For SESAC artists, submissions can be made through the publishing account on SESAC Affiliate Services.

Since there are specific deadlines for each PRO, it is wise to submit the set list immediately after a performance to ensure that proper royalties will be received.

Many artists book gigs and play their live music without receiving full compensation for their performance. If the artist does not submit their set list to collect their performance royalties (even though they are the ones performing their own music), there is money being left on the table. Ultimately, it is up to the artists to stay informed and make sure they are receiving all of the money that is due to them.


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