We Can’t Stop…We Won’t Stop

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Apathy has struck a chord in the hearts of Americans, leaving 39% unfazed by the effects of their piracy habits. While 74% of the consumers knew the production and sharing of pirated video content is illegal, only 19% stated that the financial damage would deter them from viewing pirated content.

The negative effects from piracy span beyond simple revenue loss into the world of content creation itself, making it more important than ever to “promote innovative offerings that allow consumers to legally acquire content.” Because of the negative monetary effects of piracy, content creators are more hesitant to invest in new projects, which limits the diversity of material being offered to consumers. If there is no way to profit from the creation, why invest in the project?

The question is, what can be done to deter consumers from engaging in piracy? Would a much needed update to the copyright law diffuse the situation? Should there be incentive programs for those individuals that follow the law? What about stricter negative consequences for those who don’t? Raising awareness of the negative impacts of piracy is always a viable option, but then we are left with the question of what to do with the individuals who simply don’t care; and until we figure out the solution, the entertainment industry will continue to fight a losing battle.


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