“Dear Pirate…”

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Many internet providers in the U.K. (including ISPreview, BT, Virgin Media, TalkTalk and Sky Broadband) will start sending out (up to 2.5 million) emails to individuals suspected of copyright infringement. There will be no legal repercussions attached to the email, but rather the letters are being used as a warning to educate the suspects of the negative impacts of piracy.

The anti-piracy initiative, led by Creative Content U.K., was launched in 2015 with a multimedia campaign (to raise awareness), and is being continued with the “Dear Pirate” letters. With access to pirated materials at the tip of one’s fingers, businesses (specifically in entertainment) have been suffering. Outdated copyright laws do not cover such ease of access granted with current technology. The internet has become a hub for illegal streaming activity, and the hope is that the initiative will educate individuals about the consequences of piracy, eventually leading them to turn away from it.


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