The Silence of the Kanye

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After Kanye West’s latest outburst at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California, a local radio station (KHHM Hot 103.5) has decided to stop playing his music on the station. Justin “Jaymarzz” Marshall started playing West’s song Fade, but thirty seconds into the track, he stopped it stating:

“That’s the last time you’re going to hear this song in this radio station, ever. Right there. First and foremost, last time you hear Kanye West Fade on this radio station. Also the last time you hear any Kanye West song on this radio station for a very long time. And let me tell you why.”

Jaymarzz goes on to mention Kanye’s dissing of radio in his rant. He mentions that “this radio station has played every single off The Life of Pablo. Okay?…And you’re going to go into Sacramento, and say, ‘F Radio?’ Really, bro?” Jaymarzz then roasts Kanye’s record sales, using Soundscan to back up his claims. He stated that even though Kanye was getting radio play, his sales were still mediocre and people “aren’t buying your music like that anymore.”

Ultimately, Kanye failed to deliver the performance his Sacramento based fans were expecting, and his rant was not well received. Recently, West’s brand has been shaped by his outbursts, but is this latest one the final nail in the coffin?


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