RIP Vine

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It was announced on Thursday October 27, 2016 that the popular video app Vine would be retired. Vine, which debuted in January of 2013, was acquired by Twitter shortly thereafter, and went on to gain mass popularity by the general public.

The free app faced competition when Instagram (owned by Facebook) added videos to its platform in June of 2013. While Vine has a video time limit of 6 seconds, Instagram’s videos (at the original time of launch) could be up to 15 seconds, giving users much more possibility in regards to creative freedom. Then, in April of 2016, the Instagram video limit was quadrupled when it was expanded to 60 seconds.

Vine has played an integral role in the rise to fame of numerous celebrity personalities, including several musicians. Canadian singer Ruth B., as well as Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda both got their starts on Vine. Countless other musicians used the app as a tool to promote/market their music, and connect with fans in a raw environment. With the retirement of the app, musicians will have one less social media to keep up with, but there will also be one less platform in which musicians can go viral and break into the industry.


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