The Birds are Singing…

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Twitter just announced a partnership with the music streaming service Deezer (which is popular in France) to allow new music discovery on your timeline through the use of Audio Cards. Twitter Audio Cards were first released in 2014, allowing the audio to be directly integrated into the timeline, which in turn let users continue scrolling through their feed while still listening to the clip (as opposed to directing you to a page outside of the app).

Social media has long been a way to share your interests-be it in the form of written posts, photos, videos, and music. Facebook and YouTube have helped create music trends and spread songs and covers until they go viral. Twitter, on the other hand, with its 140 character limit has been more of an outlet for personal thoughts/communication as opposed to sharing and streaming. However, with their new partnership with Deezer, as well as the continued use of Audio Cards, Twitter is hoping to become a contender in the music streaming department by making the unearthing/sharing of new music more convenient for users. Will Twitter soon become the go to social media for new music discovery? Only time will tell.


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