Among the Greats

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Six years ago, Twenty One Pilots was performing a set in a small local venue. I was just sipping on a smoothie and enjoying the music, completely unaware of the dominance they would one day have on the Billboard charts, and the impact they would make on the music industry. Skip ahead to 2016, and that rock duo has made history and joined the company of music greats such as The Beatles and Elvis Presley. Twenty One Pilots are only the third rock group in history to simultaneously place two singles (Heathens at #4; Ride at #5) in the top 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 within the same week.

After doing additional research on the topic, I found some specific statistics in another Billboard article that described just how impressive this achievement was.The last rock group to perform this feat was The Beatles (multiple times throughout the years 1964-1966 and again in 1969). Before that, Elvis was the only rock act that had broken the top 5 in the same week with two consecutive single hits (in 1959). That being said, it had been 47 years since a rock group had dominated the top 5 of the Hot 100 like Twenty One Pilots is currently doing. I believe this milestone demonstrates the constant changing nature of the music industry. What is considered a hit today may/will be obsolete in 10 years time. Musicians are always changing and evolving, and the audiences that perceive their music and determine the hits are growing alongside them. Different eras call for different styles of music, and the tastes of one generation will likely not match the next. Twenty One Pilots is bringing a new rock centered dominance back into the popular music scene, which has not been done in nearly 5 decades. The charts are ever changing, and who knows what style of music will dominate next.


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